1. Cate & Nelson No 161
    Cate & Nelson No 161
    SEK 1,595
  2. Cate & Nelson No 162
    Cate & Nelson No 162
    SEK 1,595
  3. Cate & Nelson No 163
    Cate & Nelson No 163
    SEK 1,595
  4. Cate & Nelson No 164
    Cate & Nelson No 164
    SEK 1,595
  5. Cate & Nelson No 165
    Cate & Nelson No 165
    SEK 1,595
  6. Cate & Nelson No 166
    Cate & Nelson No 166
    SEK 1,595

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Cate & Nelson Watches are unisex, inspired by the iconic clock in the Stockholm metro system. In a similar fashion, Cate & Nelson Watches reflect the sobriety and honesty of Scandinavian design, with nothing else but the most important details needed to be a fully functional tool.

"We gather inspiration from Cate's Scandinavian background and  from my southern European heritage. When we created the timepiece, we wanted to take away the classic watch elements and create a new design language. For instance, we chose to remove numbers from the dial, stamping out markings for time instead, giving the timepiece a cleaner look and feel."

"The timepiece has a discerning design resulting from a careful process in which we make functional use of every detail. Our watches are created to be worn by people who love craftsmanship and design. Another key aspect for us was to make the watch unisex, with well-balanced aesthetics that appeals to people all around the world."