Hyde's Spectacles

Hyde’s Spectacles are all about enjoying life, which sometimes includes a walk of shame as well as a sunny breakfast in the archipelago of Stockholm.

  1. Hyde's No. 17 - Smoke
    Hyde's No. 17 - Smoke
    SEK 2,495
  2. Hyde's No. 2
    Hyde's No. 2
    SEK 2,295
  3. Hyde's No. 17 - Vinyl
    Hyde's No. 17 - Vinyl
    SEK 2,495
  4. Hyde's Ophthalmic No. 2
    Hyde's Ophthalmic No. 2
    SEK 2,295

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We see sunglasses as a tool to play with ones image and identity. Hence the name Hyde’s which both refer to Dr Jekyll’s slightly more extravagant personality. Hyde’s creates bold, personal fashion statements with old school craftsmanship, exclusive materials and creative detailing.

Our clientele’s individuality is our inspiration. You will not find big logos on our shades, our shades are a part of our client’s personality and our clients are part of us. Hyde’s will never turn to mass-producing. The designs will always be bold. The quality will always be the best.

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60”, the iconic actor once said from behind his signature shades. Today eyewear is an important part of one’s image and we aim to market ourselves among those with strong personalities, a demanding group in terms of quality and design.