Lumitoro Jewelry is the must-have brand for the fashionista in trend-setting cities around the world.
Its slogan, “Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry” celebrates the beauty of imperfection reflected in every collection.

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  1. Tubii Ring 2
    Tubii Ring 2
    SEK 650
  2. Tubii Ring 1
    Tubii Ring 1
    SEK 600
  3. Tubii Earrings
    Tubii Earrings
    SEK 750

    Almost gone! Just 4 left

  4. Tubii Bracelet
    Tubii Bracelet
    SEK 1,500

    Almost gone! Just 5 left

  5. Tubii Pendant
    Tubii Pendant
    SEK 1,850

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Crafted from the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art techniques, Lumitoro Jewelry is about creating an experience for the wearer and her audience with designs that compel exploration. Each iconic piece tells a story that invites touch and ignites conversation. It is the statement brand for women to celebrate their individuality.


Tubii's cascade of slanting cylindrical shapes achieves a virtual disco ball of light reflection. She dances to her own beat.