Carry Yourself by Star of Sweden has delicate pieces of jewellery that describes who you are and how you carry yourself.

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  1. Snowdrop Pink Ring
    Snowdrop Pink Ring
    SEK 395
  2. Classic Stud Pink Earrings
    Classic Stud Pink Earrings
    SEK 295
  3. Lisa Pink Necklace
    Lisa Pink Necklace
    SEK 595
  4. One Piece Pink Bracelet
    One Piece Pink Bracelet
    SEK 395


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Tell your loved one what you appreciate about her with the perfect gift from Carry Yourself by Star of Sweden. The color in each stone symbolises the characteristic traits of the person you want to give your jewellery to. Are you just treating yourself? Make sure you pick the right color for you.

When purchasing a piece from the Carry Yourself collection, you will receive: a jewellery box which is specifically tailored for the piece you decide on. It will match the color of the stone you have chosen and a quote which will emphasis the person you have chosen this piece for; a gift note will be placed inside which explains the quote in depth and the meaning behind it; how you think she carries her self. You will also have the opportunity to sign it with your name.

Would you like to purchase the piece for yourself? Make sure you save the gift note to have a look at it once in a while, to remind you how fabulous you really are!

The entire collection consists of jewellery for her in 18 K gold plating. Carry Yourself capture the words spoken in a delicate piece of jewellery she would wear now and forever. Make her tell her story and let her carry your gift on her path through life and it´s beautiful moments.