1. Strict Ball Bracelet Silver
    Strict Ball Bracelet Silver
    SEK 399
  2. Strict Ball Bracelet Gold
    Strict Ball Bracelet Gold
    SEK 399
  3. Glam Earrings Gold Smokey
    Glam Earrings Gold Smokey
    SEK 549
  4. Glam Necklace Gold Smokey
    Glam Necklace Gold Smokey
    SEK 899
  5. Glam Necklace Silver Rose
    Glam Necklace Silver Rose
    SEK 899


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A back street in New Delhi. An avenue in New York. A walking bridge in Cambodia. We get the inspiration for our designs a traveling life. It all began in 2006 on a visit to Shanghai, where we were overwhelmed by the city's huge market for pearls and semi precious stones.

Back home in Stockholm, we made our first jewelry and put them on display. The response exceeded all our expectations, so we kept on making more. Today, Syster P jewelry and fashion accessories are available in several countries.

Travel destinations and pleasure still guide us. And we want you to feel the same happiness when you wear something from Syster P as we did when we created it. It’s personal. It's Syster P.